Now, if you have read my previous blog post about the Ghost in the Shell (Oshii, 1995) anime¹, you will know that it is a film that really spoke to me a lot, as a cinefile, as well as various figures in Hollywood. Now, the Ghost in the Shell franchise has inspired a live action film set in that universe.

And, while I could review that film too, I think it would be more interesting to do a roundup post of several different notable film critics and bloggers to see what they had to say about the film. I tried to pick five different reviews that all handle very different outlooks of the film itself.


The Guardian Film Blog, “Digital love: Why Cinema Can’t Get Enough of Cyberpunk”

This specific post dives into the development of the cyberpunk genre in cinema, the genre is a staple of anime, and some of the greatest anime films ever made are cyberpunk films, including Ghost in the Shell (1995).

The post follows the path of the genre as it winds its way through history before finally settling upon Ghost in the Shell (Sanders, 2017). Comparing the films various traits to the genre itself and discussing how the two intertwine.

This film is interesting because it not only looks into the film Ghost in the Shell (2017), but it provides a foundation for the existence of the genre that the Ghost in the Shell  franchise has come to define.


Film Jabber, “Ghost in the Shell Movie Review”

This post is a review of the new Ghost in the Shell (2017), but what is interesting, is that the reviewer has not seen the original, as he notes that he has only read the Wikipedia article on the character at one point.

This adds a level of interest to the review, as the reviewer, Erik Samdahl, is able to be much more objective in his review of this specific film, as he doesn’t have the standard set by the original film to base his opinions off of.

Samdahl notes that the films visuals are interesting, but the story lacks the substance that a world as interesting and in-depth as Ghost in the Shell (2017) establishes.

The M0vie Blog, “Non-Review Review: Ghost in the Shell”

This post, written by The M0vie Blog founder Darren, is an in depth review of the various ideas and situations prompted by the setting and conditions of Ghost in the Shell (2017). The title, though odd, is reflective of the fact that the post is not as much a specific review of the film, but a deep analysis, that will divulge information that reviews the film along the way.

Darren also noted the cultural differences between the asian culture depicted in the original film and how it translated to an American screen, while also bringing up the idea of white-washing displayed in the film.

The interesting part of this post the depth in which Darren looked into the cultural divide between both the original film and the new one, as well as the cultural situations between both films and their intended audiences.


Slash Film Blog, “Erasing Motoko: The Question of Race in ‘Ghost in the Shell”

This post by film critic/analyst Karen Han explores the intricacies of the racial issues of the whitewashing displayed in Ghost in the Shell (2017). Be aware, if you do check out this post, there are spoilers addressed right away at the beginning.  

Through analysis of the plot, characters, setting, and aesthetic styles, is both thorough, well justified, and interesting. One particularly interesting point Han brings up is the strange use of asian aesthetics throughout the film, depicting various styles and cultures that end up creating a society that is devoid of any specific all-consuming national identity.

This blank, vaguely asian society seems to annoy Han, as she calls the cultural genericism of the film “an uncomfortable sort of anonymity.”

This specific look at the film is interesting, as Han’s analysis goes deep into one specific subject, and while this subject has been addressed in the other posts, and her level of depth and clarity makes this article a fascinating read.

Oh! That Film Blog, “Ghost in the Shell (2017)”

This post is a review of the film from the perspective of someone who has seen the original 1995 film, so it contrasts the Film Jabber review who had not seen the original.

That said, it seems as though the author of this post came to similar conclusions as the previously mentioned post, that the film was very stylized and visually interesting.

However, while the Film Jabber post focussed a lot on the large scale story flaws and ideals, this post goes a little deeper, delving into specifics with plot, character intricacies, and other aspects of the film with pinpoint accuracy.

I love the specificity of this article as well as the voice used in writing it. Overall, the post really brings up a lot of interesting points about the film through the review itself. 


Hopefully, these posts help not only give you an accurate depiction of the film itself, and the ideas and situations that surround it!





15 thoughts on ““Ghost in the Shell:” A Revisitation, Sort of…

  1. I agree with you that it is interesting that reviewer Erik Samdahl didn’t watch the original film before reviewing the remake. If fans of the original, read his movie review about the remake, they will get a completely unbiased review without the stigma of “it’s not as good as the original”. Also, those who haven’t seen the original but are debating whether they should pay money to view the remake, will receive the same treatment. They are able to form their own opinion based on whatever he puts in the review about the remake, not the original. Great post!

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  2. I’m learning a ton of new words after reading your posts, like “cinefile” and “cyberpunk”. I’d have to idea what these terms were if it wasn’t for your blog. I love it. The blog posts you included were interesting and I liked how they all had different reviews. I also really was intrigued by the photos you included – they were really cool! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank you! I appreciate that, I always try to find interesting pictures for my posts because cinema is a visual medium, so I want to be able to depict that through interesting imagery! And I am glad I can help expand your vocabulary, despite the fact you most likely won’t be throwing around “cinefile” and “cyberpunk” in casual conversation. Then again, who knows? Maybe my blog is so good that you decide to check out some of the stuff I talk about!


  3. The main thing that jumped out at me from the very beginning of this post, just from the pictures alone, was the presence of whitewashing. From your previous posts it is clear that this is not an American film, yet that is how the remake is portrayed. So thank you for addressing this topic, and not just gliding over it like most of society. I’m curious what you personally think of this remake. Is it worth going to see?

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    1. Thanks! As for your question, personally, I thought the visuals were interesting, but if I were going to spend 2 hours watching a movie, I would much rather see the original, which was more visually interesting, and also just better overall!

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  4. I did not realize that this movie was related to anime stuff at all. That is kind of cool actually. I really do not know a lot about the movie aside from it is an action movie with scarlet Johanson, and she is in a costume that just makes her look naked most of the time. I personally would not go see it, even though I am a fan of her because of the costume and the trailers have not caught my interest. I would have never realized the racial issues in this movie as well without reading this post.

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    1. Absolutely, I totally get your comments completely. If you want to spend 2 hours watching something, I would maybe suggest finding another movie.


  5. Landen,

    As I’ve been seeing commericals for this movie I was wondering if you’d include a post with some sort of review of the movie, so I’m super happy to see that you have because I was very curious. Your past posts have intigued me to see the film, although it is disappointing that the film is so white washed and that most people who will go see it probably have no idea it comes from a Japanese anime film. I know I wouldn’t have any idea if not for your blog posts informing me of this. I liked the variety of reviews and that the one blogger who did not watch the original film acknowledged that. I think that’s important to note for readers who have seen the original film. Great round-up of a variety of reviews!

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    1. Thanks! I wanted to better describe the film with a variety of outlooks, because after seeing the film myself, mine was pretty negative. I am glad you liked the post and were able to obtain more information about the film!


  6. Landen, your post was a very fair look at the comparison between the two versions of Ghost in the Shell. Like you’ve talked about before on here, the new version has a lot of criticism regarding multiple aspects of the film. Whether it’s with the Scarlett Johannson casting or the new movie’s commitment to the original story, there is a lot to talk about and I thought you did a great job at exploring all those perspectives.

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    1. Thank you! I think that there is a LOT to say about this film and by only posting my perspective on the film, I feared that I might not be able to give a fair and justified response the way that a collective group of other critics could!


      1. I thought that’s what made it a great post because most people would do what you just said and just give their own opinion. This way you can back up whatever you have to say with a lot of good sources


  7. I saw a trailers of the movie recently with my brother and I remember him telling me this was anime before I even realize it. He’s a huge fan of anime just like you. He was pretty mad that they made it an actual movie and not the anime its meant to be. He seems to thinks they ruin amine when hollywood remakes them. I have yet to ask him if he’s seen the movie but will do after reading this post. Nice reading a post about a movie in theater that I recently discuss with my brother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your brother is absolutely right as far as direct live-action adaptations go for anime, as there has yet to be a really good one produced yet. I am really glad that you enjoyed the post man!

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