There is a stigma around Japanese animation, otherwise known as anime, that this medium is for children, or for awkward basement dwellers who smell like soup and lack basic social skills. In truth, the medium is something much bigger than that, anime is a movement among Japanese animators aimed at telling stories in the world of animation, where the only real limit to their creativity is the creators themselves. This principle applies really well to the science fiction genre of the medium, providing a way for creators to tell complex and interesting stories without the massive budget it would take to make a live action sci-fi film.

My name is Landen, and I am both a film student, and an animation enthusiast, and like the header on the page says, I really want to use this site as a jumping off point to expose people to the world of anime. And I would love to compare and contrast the film culture between the anime films of the east, and the Hollywood films of the west as well.